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CompuChess, play a game of 3D Chess on your computer
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CompuChess is a PC game that offers all the features you can expect from a game of this type. With an interface familiar to all windows users, CompuChess is a fine version of the popular board game that challenges your strategy and planning skills.

First of all, one noteworthy aspect of the game is that it offers two views of the board in the same screen, one with 2D graphics with the option of changing its colours, and the other in 3D, which you can easily rotate until you find the perfect perspective of the board.

Among the number of features it offers, one of the most interesting is that you can configure the opponent player according to the type of game you want to play and your expertise. There is a total of four game types: Ply depth, Timer per Move, Total time + increment and Championship. Besides, you can set the opening strategy the computer uses and choose from four different opening styles, which can be: Balanced, Unusual, Closed, Gambit or Agressive. In addition, CompuChess supports the PGN format, which is a standard format used by most chess programmes.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Variety of options to configure


  • The graphics are too plain, thefore unattractive
  • There's no music or sound effects whatsoever
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